The complete history of this site code is on GitHub. This listing is WAY more accurate, because I haven't been doing a good job of keeping this page up to date and do a WAY better job at putting in source control comments.
Version Date Description
5.0.3 2016-06-21 Added Instagram & Facebook buttons to the top menu.
5.0.2 2016-06-14 Added a "Buy" menu option with a "Purchase" page. Constructed "Buy Now" buttons on PayPal. I guess that's where all those transaction fees go; to the "tools" that make it easier to BUY (so PayPal can keep racking up the fees).
5.0.1 2015-10-18 Now using Visual Studio 2015. Upgraded about 20 NuGet packages. Precompiled before publish.
Five Dot Oh 2015-05-19 ASP.Net MVC 5.0 on .Net 4.5
One Dot Oh NO 2003-07-04 Front Page and Frames (yuck)