Idiot Driver

What's Spilled Milk doing creating Windows Phone apps? As most of you know, I've been writing software for a LONG time and it pays the bills better than creating comics (at least for now).

This project was definitely challenging. You can lay the basics down in a few hours within Visual Studio, but as you know it takes a LOT longer to get everything JUST so. Much like it is with comics. I'll definitely post the steps to my blog, because I made a few mistakes trying to use examples that I found that were WAY too old.

If you stumbled across this page by accident then go check out the Windows Phone marketplace and download IDIOT DRIVER! Idiot Driver


== When using the speach tool (in the SMS text app) make sure you say the words "License Plate" and then say the plate letters and/or numbers. The speach tool seems to drop the first few things you say.

== If you say the numbers quickly "one two three", for example, then the speach recognition will represent the text as "123" instead of "one two three".

== The parse (paste) function will parse "one two three" for you into the numbers if you say them too slow. But most of the time you WANT to say everything slow and distinct so the speach-to-text will work. (It will also remove the words "License Plate" if that makes it into the text.)

== The parse (paste) function will also parse other phonetically close words into letters, for example: "why" to "Y" and "see" to "C". (An editable list of these auto corrections will be provided in future releases, but for now I just went with a few simple examples.)

== If you make any changes to the settings, make sure you SAVE them otherwise when you exit that page or the application they won't stick.

== The "Add Favorite" (Add Default Tweet) doesn't prompt for confirmation. Sorry about that, but it's easy enough to delete.


== SLUG BUG - Use the default tweets to quickly tag VW Bugs. Add the #SlugBug hashtag or something else so others can track you. It's like you're virtually (Picture uploads coming SOON!)

== OUT of STATE - Tag out of state plates, they MAY tell you why they're in YOUR state. ;-) See how many you can get!

== VANITY PLATE - Tell people about the coolest vanity plate, or get help decoding one.


== - Metro look for main page.
    & Added <<MYTAG>> keyword to substitute my license plate into tweet.
    & Added TiltEnabled.
    & Support GZIP response from Twitter.
    & Made modal field wrapped.
    & Intercept Back Button for modal field.
    & Name change from Crazy Driver.

== - Metroized the settings.

== - Initial creation